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Here is the Joey's racing crew!
For the 2002 season Joey's Bike Shop took forth place in the state standings. Nathaniel and Justin will be riding the #1 plate in their divisions. Brayden took second in 9 year old rookies and Johnny took third in 15 year old novice.  Watch for more trophies in 2003. 

Nathaniel Delong
NBL 17 year old Expert
Rides Nirve Rail with equipment from Profile, Pryme, Answer, S&M, Mavic, Maxxis
Justin Hartless
NBL 17 year old Rookie
Rides Haro SR 3.0, with equipment from Redline, S&M, Maxxis
Brayden Martin
NBL 9 year old Rookie
Riding Diamondback RM Jr., stock
Eric Peletier
NBL 15 year old Rookie
Riding Haro Sr 3.0, stock
Justice Johnson
NBL 9 year old Rookie
Riding Specialized Jr.
Team wears Answer and Pryme Equipment

Kris Johnson- Former Owner
Rides everything
You can do that when you own a shop that long
Tim Varner and Stephen Voigt-Adventure Racing
Both ride Gary Fisher Sugars
Tim trains on a Masi

We advertise in South State Action! Check out their web site at Brian is supporting BMX freestyle and racing in Southern Colorado. Check out his magazine.

Support all forms of riding.